Corporate Presentation Annual General Meeting 2018  
    Corporate Presentation November 2018  
    Corporate Presentation 121 Hong Kong  
    Diggers and Dealers Corporate Presentation  
    Corporate Presentation  
    RIU Resources RoundUp Sydney Presentation  
    Corporate Presentation April 2018  
    RIU Explorers Conference Presentation  
    2017 Annual General Meeting Presentation  
    Precious Metals Investment Symposium Presentation  
    Corporate Presentation September 2017  
    Sydney Resources Round Up  

    Resource Development Update Katanning Gold Project  
    Annual General Meeting Presentation 2014  
    Investor Presentation  
    2012 AGM Presentation  
    Presentation - 2012 Denver Gold Forum  
    Ausgold Investor Presentation - April 2012  
    Ausgold Presentation - Mines and Money London  
    Ausgold Presentation  
    Denver Gold Forum Presentation  
    Ausgold Broadcast of PayDirt Presentation  
    Ausgold Presentation  
    Paydirt`s Gold Conference Presentation  
    AGM Presentation  
    Investor Presentation  
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