Yamarna, WA (AUC interest 100%)

The Yamarna Project is located approximately 125km north-east of Laverton in central Western Australia on Exploration Licenses E38/2129. The project covers 300km2 of prospective ground over the Yamarna Greenstone Belt, the eastern most Archean greenstone belt in the Yilgarn Craton.

Past exploration by Ausgold identified disseminated sulphides (up to 10%) comprising chalcopyrite (copper-iron sulphide), pentlandite (iron-nickel-sulphide) and pyrite (iron sulphide) contained within mafic-ultramafic rocks. A review by Fathom Geophsyics identified nine Ni-Cu-Co, four PGE and 15 gold targets in the project area based on geophysical responses combined with structural complexity and favourable interpreted lithology.

Ausgold will continue to progress the project with low-cost, targeted exploration.




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