Bullock Pool

Bullock Pool, WA
(AUC 100% interest)

The Bullock Pool prospect is located 10km southwest of the Katanning Gold Project (“KGP”) with gold mineralisation (>0.1 g/t Au) identified over a strike length of 25km in previous AC and RAB drilling. The area has received less exploration than the KGP or Nanicup Bridge, however, gold mineralisation has been intersected in mafic-ultramafic and felsic bedrock.

Historical AC intercepts include:

  • 6m @ 1.87 g/t Au from 18m in 00BPAC459
  • 3m @ 1.31 g/t Au from 24m in 00BPAC124
  • 6m @ 0.91 g/t Au from 12m in 00BPAC473
  • 9m @ 0.85 g/t Au from 30m in 00BPAC281

Historical RC Intercepts include:

  • 12m @ 1.55g/t from 30m in 00BPRC013
  • 4m @ 2.34g/t from 36m in 00BPRC002
  • 3m @ 2.02g/t from 00BPRC021

Bullock Pool

Figure 1 - Regional view of KGP and regional targets showing trends of mineralisation over aeromagnetic image

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